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I didn't start out as a designer "proper" in professional career terms. After graduating from the Moscow Aviation Institute (State University of Aerospace Technologies) with an M.S. degree in engineering mathematics, I worked as a programmer for 8 years. But even at that early stage I began to perceive what my true calling was. Motivated in those initial years by the desire to make the software I designed neat and convenient to the maximum extent possible with a user-friendly interface, I explored on my own all the graphics editor types in existence at the time, including raster, vector and animation editors, and even ventured into 3D modeling.
In 1994, I was invited to work for CROC – a young but promising Russian IT-company based in Moscow. And from then on I ceased to be just a software maker and embarked on a much more versatile path of creative design. I was lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside utterly qualified experts par excellence both in Moscow and, periodically, in New Jersey. It was then that I came to realize the importance of fine details in developing interface solutions. I began to see the pixel as sort of a virtual small block from a LEGO Duplo set. If anything, there are no insignificant or negligible nitty-gritties in design creation, just as there should be no room for superfluous frills.

For family reasons I have moved to Saint-Petersburg and am now on the lookout for a new interesting job.
I have worked at CROC for exactly 23 years, during which time I have developed interfaces for dozens of information and analytical systems, designed numerous websites, prepared hundreds of presentations and a whole lot of marketing materials.

Today, CROC is the leading systems integrator in the Russian IT market. And I feel proud and privileged to have been part of its wonderful team of highly skilled and competent professionals, making as a designer my own conscientious contribution to the successful rise and development of the company.

The range of my professional activities expanded enormously, and the amount of deliverables grew accordingly. Those included, inter alia, the Company's public website, interfaces for various information processing systems/web portals in the fields of public healthcare and election administration, numerous presentations, advertising flyers and promotional materials, CROC's corporate style and identity. The Company kept growing and developing rapidly. The number of customers and the scope of tasks increased, involving a plethora of stakeholders in such diverse areas as public governance, banking and education, industrial and commercial enterprises, construction companies, and many others.
UX/UI designer
"SoftWerke", St.-Petersburg ( https://soft-werke.com)

UX/UI designer
"BETA", St.-Petersburg ( http://beta.spb.ru)

Senior Designer, ZAO CROC, Moscow, Paramus (New Jersey) (http://croc.ru)

Programmer, designer, Oviont Company, Moscow

Programmer, Tupolev Aircraft Design Bureau, Branch Office, Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute, Moscow
Moscow Aviation Institute. Applied Mathematics Department
TRAINING COURSES (2017 - 2019)
Motion Design
how to create and sell design
UX-analytics:user research and common sense
English course (Intermediate)
Development of templates and sites for CMS WordPress
Mobile app design:
interfaces, architecture, visual concept
Adobe XD: for UI designer
Professional and wedding photographer courses
Competent speech
Prepare presentations
Identity and brand book
Landings, longreeds
Mobile applications
Web sites
Brochures, booklets, leaflets
2D animation
User guides, documentation
Video editing
English languidge
work at CROC
As a designer I was involved in many major and professionally challenging projects. My terms of reference included web and interface design tasks, creation of letterheads, certificates, brochures, leaflets, presentation materials and banners, designing showcases, as well as the 3D-modeling of ICT equipment and dedicated facilities (putting into practice the Autodesk 3ds Max techniques I had mastered on an advanced certificate training course).

I count the following among the most important milestone projects I have worked upon for external customers:
It goes without saying that there have been a great many other external projects, both big and small, as well as in-house automated resource and workflow management projects.
Design and implementation of two automated information management systems (IMS) for the FSB Central Outpatient Clinic – Polyclinic IMS and MedAnalytics IMS.
Developing Justice IMS and two software packages – Court Record Keeping and Arbitration Court Record Keeping – as part of the effort to upgrade the infrastructure network for courts of general jurisdiction and the Court Support Department under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Establishing integrated data portals for justices of the peace in Moscow, Tula, Tatarstan, the Stavropol region, the Chechen Republic.
Participating in the project to develop the State Automated Information System "Elections", creating Internet resources for the Moscow Eleсtion Committee.
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